Problem with a Kodak eight model 20


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Jul 4, 2013
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This is my first post, so I want to say hello!

Now, about the post.
i have recently purchased a Kodak eight model 20. Upon further study, it appears that the shutter button, the one that activates the spring and such, is stuck in the on position. The spring will not unwind though, so I am not quite sure what is the matter.

any tips on what is wrong and what is the solution?

I am not up on movie camera model designation but if it is a magazine camera or Super 8 there is a good possibility there is a button inside that will not let it run unless there is a cartridge in it. What do you want to do with this? Modern telephones even beat this for action because they are cheap and include sound. It used to cost me $5.00 for a roll of film, another $4-5 to get it developed, $20. for a new projector bulb every time you banged it will still a little hot, and the I got a VHS camcorder in '89.
For $3.00 I got sound, 60 minutes vs 3 min. and sound plus it could be viewed immediately. Now I have digital video in a small Sony.
It's actually a normal 8mm/double 8mm camera, so I don't think there is such a restrictive mechanism.
I want to film with it, and Yes I do agree other cameras out there are better, but I just love those old 8mm cameras. As such, I want to get it running.

thanks for your comment!
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