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Apr 11, 2009
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Relatively new to photography in general so please bear with me...

So I am having a problem with the way Photoshop is displaying my images. When using sRGB or Adobe RGB colorspace (or when color management profiles are on) it applies a orange/magenta hue to my image.

This only happens with photos shot from my Canon 30D. I am shooting in sRGB to RAW. When I convert the image to sRGB or Adobe RGB it gets the red hue, however when I turn color management off or when I use my monitor RGB space, the file appears as normal.

I have other people open the file in their Photoshop spaces, and they do not get the same issue.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate what is happening.

Here is the Photo in Adobe RGB:

Desktop Background ( no color management) vs Photoshop in sRGB:

When anyone else opens the file, it looks like the "cooler" version.

Here is a screenshot of when I disable color management and use my monitor's RGB space, as you can see it looks "normal":

And lastly, here is the RAW CR2:

or try
IMG_0205.CR2 - FileFactory

I realize the white balance is way off...Forgive me.

Hopefully those links don't give you issues...

Any help with this would be greately appreciated!

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Well it seems it was my video card driver added a warm ICC profile to my monitor in the color management ICC profile. I just uninstalled and everything looks normal. I'll have to reinstall and make sure it doesn't apply that again.
Changing the colour settings while working with an image doesn't solve the problem in photoshop but you are right, the wrong monitor profile is loaded.

The working profiles show what monitor profile photoshop has loaded from windows. In the RGB working profile drop down list Monitor RGB clearly shows the "warm" profile is tagged in it. This is loaded directly from windows so if this is ever wrong just head into the display colour management tab in windows and correct it. Other than that the working profile should usually be sRGB and should never be changed in this settings window while editing a picture (use the Convert Profile tool for that).

It seems strange that the video driver would mess with this. I'm surprised it knows at all what screen you have, let alone what profile it should assign. Something is strange.

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