problem with my d50


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Dec 1, 2007
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I recentlly aquired a d50 from my mother in law. She quit using it because the on camera flash doesn't fire. I took it to a local camera shop and they checked every setting to see if we somehow turned it off, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Has anyone else had this problem? It isn't too big of a deal because I just ordered a sb-600 for it and my d40, but i would like to fix it if possible. Thanks for any input.
I dont know what the problem is, but if you are ordering the sb I'd say just shoot with that. Just my two cents.
ahah good luck.
Somebody else on here had their flash break...I forget which camera it was though.
I find my onboard flash almost useless unless I want pictures just like everyone else. (which is why I got an SLR, so they wouldn't be like everyone else).

Fast glass, and speedlites are the way to go.

Call Nikon and ask them how much to fix it?
Did you try resetting the camera? Sometimes that is all it takes but, if you are getting an SB600 then I would use that.
I did the reset of the camera and it didn't help. I guess I'll just stick with the speed light, thanks guys.

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