problem with view finder normal?


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Mar 25, 2005
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i have a 20d and i have noticed that no matter how careful i am to frame the picture as i want it, when i look back at photo ive just taken, i find that it is not quite framed exactly how it looked through the view finder. It's usually a bit wider, things that were out of shot are now in the frame, if you know what i mean.

Is my camera defective or is this a normal thing for DSLR? I have never noticed it with my film slr, but then i can never remember for sure how i framed a picture by time i got the photos back from the developers

Anyone else have this problem?
All but the top end SLR cameras have less than 100% view finder coverage. I think most of them are around 95% or something close to that.

So your camera is perfectly normal.
thanks Mike. I was starting to think i was going mad.

It can be a bit annoying composition wise
yes, i suppose it would be even worse the other way around

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