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    First problem:
    So I finally figured out where my schools scanners are and decided to scan a few... Its a Nikon Coolscan 5 hooked up to an older Mac. Apart from being really dusty (I cleaned my film but the adapter kept getting more dust on it:grumpy:) and sloooooooooooow, everything seemed to be doing ok. I scanned them at 3900dpi. The scans looked really clear and the Digital ICE seemed to have done a really good job on the dust and scratches. The files were saved by default as TIFFs but when I opened them on that Mac they look super grainy and not anywhere near as clear as the scan before I saved it. I burned those on a disc so I could post them here to ask about the grain and noise, which leads me to
    Problem 2
    I can not open the TIFFs in Lightroom or in Paintshop Pro. I was going to try and fix (or at least crop) them before posting or see if there was any difference. I tried saving them in Paint as jpegs but when I try to open them in LR or PSP I still get nothing.

    I think the issue with not being able to open them on my Vista laptop is a cross platforming issue. I think need to set permissions diffently. What do you all think? And what can I do to boost the quality of the scans?

    Here are the a few of the TIFFs, uncropped and unedited. Click for the larger version





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