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Sep 11, 2007
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Hello all. My name is Devin. Ive been into Photography since i was a wi-lil youngen. I know the basics. And ive produced some good shots. And for a while I had an easy time taking pictures. Until my camera took a dump (Minolta XG-7) and it kinda got me down and i left photography behind. So recently (about 6months ago) I decided to pick photography back up. Realizing how much fun i had taking pictures and how I could use this media to express myself. Being a Senior in highskool I was looking for something to point my life towards. and I had a hard time figuring this out not knowing what I was good at. or what would be rewarding to me. Photography came back to me as the light at the end of the tunnel. So I sent out immediately to get a camera I could use for a short wile til i had the funds for a DSLR. I had no luck to begin with. Until my dad said he would buy me a camera as a start off. And at the time I was really into Medium Format. I knew all I could possibly know about the workings and the results. So I looked it over and over. And decided the best deal for my money was to buy a KIEV so i invested 160$ on a KIEV80 with extra's To me this camera was a steal. I put about 5 rolls through it and was getting good results But it lacked the portability and feautres I felt I needed to work up the ladder. So I retired this camera. and sold it for $230. As a note ide like to inform you that a camera budget is perty much zip for me. I used that money to pay off court fines. As my life has been a spiral downwards. And I wanted to use photography as my escape from the low and to help me get to the place I wanted/needed to be. So I scraped up a lil money and bought another camera off of ebay. A Pentax P3 with 3lenses (200mmMacro- 50mm- 35mm with filters) When I got it in the mail I was excited to finally get back off into photography land and let my vision be seen by others. But I was shot back down the same day. The advance lever broke free and wrecked the first roll of film. It took me another month to get a replacement body (Ricoh KR-5) to fit my lenses. I recieved the KR-5 just recently and went out shooting a test roll. And I cam to the realization that the trigger was sticky. Mechanically that is. And when ide go for a shot there was a tendancy for the shutter to stay open and lock up. and randomly release again. You can imagen my frustration. Know im stuck with 2 junk body's and 3lenses with no use and about 16rolls of various ISO film. going to waste.

This is all very inconvienent. and feel as if all the powers in the universe are going against me. The thing that drove it all home was a Warrant for my arrest and the spending of all my fund towards bail. For bogus charges. This is a stall of another month wile I attempt to understand why I randomly are being charged. I cant expect sympathy. But I dont understand why I cannot find a decent camera without spending hundreds of dollars. Its all really depressing. Can anyone help me out here? advice? Point me in the right direction? on a good buy? Thank you for any replies.:hail:
First I'd have to ask where you are getting these two bad cameras from? If it is a camera store I'd simply take them back and say they didn't work from the beginning and get a refund. If it was ebay, and the seller didn't disclose that the cameras were broke, you should be able to file a complaint and get your money back through paypal. As far as cheap cameras, I can't help you I don't shoot film. I would assume though that you should be able to find some decent priced stuff on craigslist/ebay in the film area...seems like film sells pretty cheap these days with everyone switching to digital.

Also, there are local camera store that will buy your lenses, and you might be able to trade all that stuff for a working camera with at least a lens. Or the two broken bodies and a few bucks for a body that'll fit the lenses you got.
What about going to community college? You would likely qualify for grants. You could major in photography and use some of the grant money for a camera to assist you with your studies. If its your light at the end of the tunnel, the foundation of college could really help you.
Thanks for all your replies. I nver thought about using a Grant or college loan to pay for a camera for my studies! The camera's i have recieved from ebay. And there was no return policies on the camera's I took a risk with buying them. Cheap. and I plan on repairing my Ricoh. I assume it will be an easy fix since ive read up on the Sticky Trigger syndrome. Im really looking to move into digital. And right now im torn between saving up for a Pentax K10d or a Canon Rebel XT/XTi. I like to think of myself as a pentaxian. But the canon is the cheaper route. I like the inbody shake reduction and heavy duty seals of the pentax. But the Canon has the credit of alot of photographers. And according to Popular photography. the pentax takes the Medal. But I dont have the 800-900$ the K10d Retails for. and i dont want to set that as a goal. knowing it will take me a long time to reach. On the other hand I can get the Canon on for 450$ and accesory's are cheaper. But the inbody shakereduction/compatibility with my older Pentax glass has really got me swinging towards a K10 or K100. Thanks for all your replies.
Well, whichever you chose, make sure it's a choice you can live with for a while. Good luck, hopefully things turn around for you.

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