Problems with the I phone X camera


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Oct 24, 2019
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Hi! my name is Mariah and I am a beginner. I am in this forum for a month now and I do not post much. Today I came here to talk about I phone camera and the photography that we can do with an I phone. I am recently taking lots of photos with my I phone X and I would really like to know something about this camera. So basically I normally love to capture night photos. With I phone X we do not get the night mode so all I do is try really hard to adjust the brightness and also keep it less noisy. One thing that bothers me is that when I take a photo with street lights on it the camera doest not able to manage the light very well. All the X users will face this. so to eliminate the reflection when we lower the brightness the reflection goes out but the overall picture gets dark. I do not know about Xs or Xs max but X has this issue and cannot handle bright light very well. So is there anyone who knows how to stop this or I have to keep dealing with this.

Further more, I have also noticed one thing. When we open the camera of I phone X and hold the camera in front of a bright light at night and then when we move the camera, there is a dot from that light that does not go. It is so frustrating it disturbs me so much that I end up closing the camera app every time it happens. I really do not know about other devices but it happens in X. Not just in my device, it happens with all the devices. Had someone came up with any trick to get rid of it ?. I was an android user and never faced this kind of problem with my samsung galaxy s8 or S 10 or any of the note series that I have used. I use I phone because it is very convenient and does every job it offers perfectly but this camera issue is killing me. I though changing my device to 11 but I really took this device 2 months ago and though it would do the job for me. This even bothers me more than the light handling flaw. I mean we can adjust the bright light that appears on the device but what would I do with the blue dots that keep occurring every time my camera finds a light?.

Coming to the third issue. Everyone knows that I phone takes the best front facing photos and there is nothing compares with it. One thing I must include in this is that it takes fine photos only where there is bright lights. I took some random front facing photos when I was on the street the picture came out very noisy and very dark. People now a days are applying AI to their cameras to make photos bright even in low lights so why cannot I phone does that?. We are paying a very large sum of money to one of the handsets and what we are getting is comparatively a little bit downgraded but I must say they do best what they claim they have offered and that is the only reason I still keep using it. They should take these into account and make these improvements. We all want a very good front camera and it must have AI technology. So my point was can you please tell me how can I get or capture good photos with my front camera in low lights?. Is there any apps that I can download or anything ?.

One other thing is that which I faced during capturing videos. I normally do not use a tripod I do it with my hands and I also know a way by which the camera stays firm and does not shake. still while using the two hand technique I ended up having a shaking video. I wanted to vlog one day and it seems very shaky and I guess I have to buy a tripod or a blogging tripod that you tubers use. Let me know if there are any options that I can enable to reduce this non stabilisation part. The videos should me more stable.

I also checked out slow mo and it did not impress me enough. The video quality decreases less than half times and in low light or at artificial lights slow mo is a joke. I do not understand the fact that still having 4k shooting capabilities why does slow mo has to be the so poor of a quality. Is it me who is only suffering from poor quality slow mo or everyone is just ok with it?. Now in IOS 13 we ave the ability to put filters on videos as well, but what I saw is that when we add the filter the quality dramatically decreases. This is unacceptable from Apple. They are the best with softwares and now a days they are not keeping their standards.

Coming to the portrait mode. It seems nice but sometimes it occurred that the object is not focusing at all. It says the object is too close and when I take the camera far away it says the object is too far. Then after moving several times it detects the object and then I have to capture it. I think this is more to do with software rather than hardware so nit blaming the camera but obviously you just cannot take a portrait in low light that is a very big disadvantage. IOS should really have AI and every problem that has been occurring for low light condition will finally go away. Apple should really consider AI.

One thing that I really loved about X is the time lapse and it is really amazing. I satisfied me and I cannot keep my eyes from the video that I took with the time lapse option. For that I used a tripod to hold the phone and took videos for half an hour. I took the video of sunset from my roof top and the dramatic change that occurred, the colour of the sky changed so many times and I was really satisfied with the video.

So the problems that I talked about I phone X, if anyone have some tips and tricks to eliminate those please let me know. As if I cannot find these solution I really cannot keep using this device anymore. The camera go nuts when it comes to bright light capturing. Please help me out.

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