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    So I've heard that you have to get a good lab when you're processing negatives, but do you need to worry when you're just processing slides? That is, can the lab's equipment and people affect how your slides are going to turn out? Or can you just go to any old lab and the results will be the same?

    I've recently taken a bundle of 36 slides, and looking to get them processed. There's a few labs around, although I don't know if they have any difference in quality, but some seem to be cheaper than others.

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    Definitely. It's arguably even more important with slides than it is with negative film. This is because when you look at a slide, you're looking pretty much at the final positive image, whereas with negative film you always have to make a print and adjust the color balance anyway before you can see the positive, so you have a chance to correct any imbalance. Also, slides have a narrower exposure latitude, meaning that subtle shifts in exposure or development will yield more of a change than it would with negative film. So yes, you definitely want to send your slide film to the most trustworthy lab you can find.

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