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Feb 6, 2015
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I recently switched to mirrorless full frame and will be selling my D500 with grip, speed light, and DX lenses. I needed to take some photos to list them, and figured it was a good opportunity to practice product photography and lighting. This is a composite, with all items shot from the same distance with the same lens to maintain consistent scale.

Nikon Z6 with adapted 85mm f/1.8
85mm, 1/200s, f/11, ISO 100

Key light: 31" square soft box with double diffusion slightly above and about 30° camera left.
Fill: large rectangular styrofoam reflector camera right
Background: Bare strobe in 7" reflector on seamless white paper

by adamhiram, on Flickr
Not a product photographer either but I do like the fact you have the exact same lighting in each. Otherwise the shadows would have been distracting...... well distracting to us. lol

Overall I'd say it was a success. Images look well exposed and clear. The background is even and without any discernable shade difference.
Yes, I am neither a pro, nor a novice product photographer, but I do know this appears to me, to be a very quality shot. Great lighting and pin sharp.

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