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Nov 13, 2008
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I first joined this forum back in 2008 where I asked about flower arrangement photography. Of course, since then, I've come a long way. Especially now that I have the studio strobes, I have much more llight and less worries about cleaning out the "grayish" backgrounds.

Here's what I did today. Sorry for the large logo because it's at work (as I work for a florist). But let me know how I did. Thanks!

This is 3 dozen arrangement and it goes for $150 local and $180 out of town deliveries :)

Looks really good, in the arrangement though the bottom left flower looks to be poking out a bit more. That's just me being picky but my eyes are drawn to it. Otherwise the shot looks really nice. Bows came down well in the front.
yeah, it is a bit but man it's hard taking floral arrangement photography, especially with roses. You have to take over and over and over, like over 1 hour just for one pic. What you see in your eyes come out totally different in the pic. Its not taking the pic but more like adjusting the roses and greens.

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