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Jun 7, 2010
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Hello, I have been taking photos for local events for a while, and I have at least 400+ people who are taking a look at my Facebook profile for the photos I've taking. I also have a fan page with over 400 people. The problem is that I don't want to keep posting my photos to my profile anymore because my profile is meant to be friends. I want to make the move and post to Flickr, but I feel that I'll get substantially less amount of views on my photos if I do so and most people wont enjoy that fact they won't be able to comment on my photos. Another option may be to post all my photos onto my fan page although Facebook ruins the photo quality. The option I'm leaning over to is posting 5 photos of an event on my fan page as an album, then have the full collection available on my Flickr.

tl;dr Facebook is my main way of posting photos although the photo quality there is terrible. I want to move to Flickr but most people are lazy and don't like clicking links. People also can't comment on my photos (unless they sign up) and use my photos as their profile picture on Flickr either.
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get your own domain name and website and post the link of FB?
You can link FaceBook and Flickr.

You upload to Flickr, a notice is sent to FaceBook, and a post is made that you have uploaded x amount of pictures, with a preview.

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I did not know that.
when you link the facebook every time you post it shows up on your facebook. I also figured out how to produce my own banner links for your profile info. They don't work on facebook but they do work great on myspace and other forums. I don't know about this forum I have not tried one here. Using the banners you can make a profile page look alot like a website page. In the aaaaaaa section you put in the web site http:// first the bbbbbbb you go to properties and get the image source and ccccccccc the name of your business or what ever you want to put there. I have made them for friends and they love them. Some sites you can you them in your "about me" info in your profile or your signature. Some forums will not allow it to work so you have to do trial and error. Some will allow it in your about me but not signature or the other way around. Copy and paste this and try it.

<a href="aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" rel="nofollow"><img src="bbbbbbbbbbb" alt="Photos" title="ccccccccccc" /></a>
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