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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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Where do you get your props from?

I'm wanting to do some newborn photography and I'd like a backdrop. I've seen some like listed below.

Is it just fabric? or is it mounted on a hard board?

nevermind I am not putting a picture because I dont feel like getting yelled at..

Awwwww! :) This picture is so adorable. I think you will be an awesome newborn photographer. Keep up the amazing work!
I would bet its just fabric by the look of it in the 2nd photo bottom left.

With that said I have gotten some props at thrift stores, antique stores, off craigslist and Ebay! For example I got pashmina scarfs off Ebay and an old metal huge wash tin (big enough to put blankets and newborn/baby under 3 months in) at the antique store. I also got a child size wooden chair at antique store, oh and I got a large wicker basket to use as well. I also read somewhere about buying Muslim and dying it yourself but have yet to try this!

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