Pulling Trigger on 40D tomorrow!!


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Jul 5, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
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Hey all,

I am driving all the way down to Barrie from North Bay tomorrow. Aprox. a 2 hour drive to buy a 40D which they have on sale for 1099.00. That being said the sale ends tomorrow after which it will be back up to 1299.00.

With 2 gift cards totaling 75.00 dollars this will mean only 1024.00 out of pocket for this body, not to bad I guess.

My concern as of late is the threads I have seen with problems with the 40D
i.e. front/back focusing problems, err99 problems and firmware 1.0.4 problems with photoshop and last but not least the dreaded dead or hot pixels.

Can anyone give me feedback on these problems and if they are still major problems?

I am not worried about the firmware as I called them today and the guy took one out of a box, popped a battery in and he said the firmware that was in that body was 1.0.5 the newest version with the photoshop thing fixed.


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