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Apr 29, 2010
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I agreed to shoot a wedding for a friend. She is slightly paying me by renting a 70-200 2.8 and a D200 (25 dollars) and for the babysitter that day, (75).

I really want to go a good job and if I can't I'd like to gracefully bow out.

Now, I just want to make it clear that if I do not do it there will be only other people there with really nice cameras. Aunt Mable and Cousin Ted.... 19 YO friend Bryan who likes to photograph his bong with his camera and put it on facebook..... So it is not like I'm taking the spot of a capable photographer, she just would NOT have anyone....

These photos came from yesterday. I thought I was going to be the only person there, but Aunt Mable, who is dying of cancer, came along and she got in my way with her really nice camera, more then not. Also, the bride does NOT like posey shots, but Auntie kept putting her in poses. You could see how uncomfortable she was.

So if you can give me constructive crit, I would appreciate it.

Melissa pictures by ababysean - Photobucket
I like them, but many of them are over exposed with severely blown highlights, and some are lacking saturation and contrast.

I like most of the compositions, but the exposures are off, unless thats the look you were going for?
Um... you appear to be missing a groom! I'm all for bridal portraits, but after about ten or fifteen shots of her alone it started to feel a little lonely there for her! I prefer your antique-y editing but I agree that some of them are a bit light. It doesn't bother me as much as the saturated color ones do though. I think you did a lovely job for being the non-wedding pro there, but you can't be afraid to step in and re direct well meaning family members if they're not capturing what the bride wants or getting in the way of your shot or making the bride uncomfortable.

Of course, you can take my advice for what it's worth since I did one wedding and swore NEVER AGAIN. I'd be happy to do bridal portraiture, but I don't see myself ever shooting a ceremony/reception/etc again.
Nice shots. I am not feeling the vintage look. I think every bride wants to look their absolute best in their wedding dress. That vintage look makes everything look so blah, including her skin and hair. Probably not the best choice IMO.

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