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Aug 19, 2010
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Sometimes when i take photos of people that have a white shirt or hat..they tend to be over exposed... how do i fix this issue when taking pics..ty
The camera is reading the entire scene as some sort of average. Even sophisticated exposure systems are influenced by all parts of the scene. Since everything else is darker than the white item, the camera uses a slower speed and/or wider aperture to get enough light for the darker areas. Unfortunately what is "enough" light for the rest of the scene is too much for the white area, so it is overexposed. When I have some white areas in the scene I try about -2/3 stop exposure compensation and then adjust after checking the histogram for the image. If the white areas are a larger part of the scene you should have less trouble and might not need any exposure compensation.
You can also try using spot metering and adjusting from there( if you spot meter off the white the camera will try to make it 18% grey, that's how metering works). Turn on the "blinking highlights" feature on your T1i so when reviewing the .jpegs on the LCD the blown out parts blink, the less blinking the more detail you have on the shirt/dress, but don't go to far back that you underexpose the skin or make the white grey. It's a balancing act.
this is covered in the book understanding exposure, if I'm correct, I would need to double check, if you get your meter reading from the bottom left of the sun, so point your camera towards the sky, to the bottom left of the sun so its not in the frame, and get your metering, it should work out well..

Not completely sure though, halp?
In situations like you describe, use spot or center average metering.. meter on the white clothing, lock exposure; then recompose focus and take the shot..:D
I think she was explaining why she spelled 'question' incorrectly... Since she was on her cell phone... Probably got some of them tiny keys, I'd reckon.
Ty everyone.. I will have to make one of my kids wear a white shirt now and go practice when it gets nice enough too..

Yes I meant my spelling mistake. It was actually hard to post on here from my phone, it kept moving the letters on me. But I was in bed last night and was to lazy to go down stairs and get my laptop.

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