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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by panocho, Feb 15, 2005.

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    I got a Quantaray 6600 AF for my Nikon N8008s and, contrary to what I expected, it seems it is not working 100% dedicated. Do you know anything about this flash?

    The instructions claim that it is dedicated to canon, nikon and minolta, but... the three at a time? can be a flash multidedicated without any switch to change from one camera to another?

    Then I started to use it. I must say that I have not seen the results yet, but the moment I put the flash in, the camera recognizes it and switches automatically to f8 / 60. But this camera is supposed to have a syncronization up to 250! Besides, I just cannot select any other shutter speed / aperture. It just gets fixed at f8/60. Then, the TTL seems to work, because, the flash intensity seems to be in accordance with the light available. But what about the other possible combinations of speed and aperture? Does this fix selection mean that the flash is not fully dedicated to my nikon? and does this mean that the TTL is not working, contrary to what I believe -and hope?

    I would appreciate any comment on this. In case you know this flash or know what happens here. The manual of the flash doesn't give much help, and the book on the camera I have only talks about nikon speedlights... as if we were forced to buy one of those expensive flashes even when we hardly use them!



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