Queensboro Bridge @ Night in New York

Very nice, I find the sky a bit distracting with the moving clouds, would rather see the sky with a good exposure for the clouds with no movement or motion blur.
Awesome shot. But its ashame the clouds were moving.
I actually like the movement of the clouds, since I almost never get to catch shots like that. Movement is what NY is about. I've actually had good feedback specifically for the moving clouds. So I guess it depends on the eyes that are looking. Thanks for stopping by :)
I think the clouds can be left up to personal preference. I personally feel that they add to the feel of the photo.
You are right, it comes down to preference. I'm thankful for all opinions though, as they help me to improve.
I like the overall theme of this image and how you presented it. The moving clouds add a nice natural element to the man made subject.
Very nice. I could take or leave the clouds. They are distracting from the purest standpoint, but artistically...or maybe I should say "poetically", they work as a reminder statement, as you say, that the city never sleeps.

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