Question about getting a press id for independent Photojournalist?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Provo, May 20, 2010.

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    I wasn't sure which section of the forums to ask my question so I apologize ahead. I would like to pursue more information on becoming an independent photojournalist, I notice that some of the newspapers here in NJ use a lot of independent photographers, whether they are capturing a local carnival or a new trendy restaurant or in some cases storm damage or house fire, fire apparatus scene etc.. I would not mind finding more information on what is the process to get a press id to become an independent photographer.

    And yes I Know I will need a new camera and equipment.

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    Contact the newspapers to see how you can go about getting press passes and ID.

    You can also take some shots and send them in yourself to start to get your name in their database.

    In terms of press passes for sporting events and concerts, you usually need to apply for them, even if you are shooting for a local newspaper. When you apply, you have to show whom you are shooting for, how many publications they have, or show where you have been published along with a website of your work...this is to just be considered.

    Obviously, have ties to a local newspaper will put you higher up on the list than someone with the same experience and no press connections.

    The other way is to network and make contacts in places. I got a press pass for a pro soccer game last week through contacts and connections.

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