Question about mobile lighting for a beach


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Dec 13, 2007
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Hello everyone.... I do some outdoor photography and as it happens to be on beaches the lighting can be rather varied. I am looking for a solution that would be portable, battery operated, something I can place on the ground and point in one direction to help modify light on a moving subject... moving within a limited space... not looking to go with a mounted flash in this case.

Anyone know of a portable light source that would work in such a situation?

You could go with hot-shoe type flash units and put them on light stands. They are small, very portable and they work on AA batteries or small battery packs.

Another option would be to use studio style strobes (like these for example), and get a portable battery system to power them (like this for example).
Or... the other option would be to take his advice as he specialises in using flashes instead of studio strobes for lighting.

Oh yeah and Mike I am not trying to step on your toes juat give the OP a second choice.
No problem at all...although I did mention using small flashes, strobist style. :er: :D
third opinion: diffusion tent or large diffusion panels. these can get big though, and expensive, but it's an option that needs no electricity, just decent sunlight.

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