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Oct 13, 2010
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New Orleans, LA
Hey guys,
All of my pictures are giving me a few blurry lines in them. I have tried two separate lenses with the same results. Think the lines might be a sensor issue? I really hope that it is not scratched. Do you guys think a simple sensor cleaning at the local photography store might do the trick? Thanks so much!

Please see attached picture.

Sensor dust usually rears its ugly head as dots, but I think this is your issue. Nothing to worry about, but a blow or a proper cleaning should settle the problem. In the meantime, the clone or content aware tool works wonders.
Thanks! I am bringing it into the shop to get the sensor cleaned. I called one place and they said a sensor cleaning was 89.00 dollars, I then called another reputable place and they said it is only 25.00... It beats shopping around. ;)
Cleaning your sensor is actually pretty easy. (you are just cleaning a little window in front of the sensor).

If you aren't all thumbs, you could do it yourself with the right equipment. Read up on it, it's been mentioned many times on the forum.

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