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Oct 2, 2005
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Im going to start getting *prices* now on lighting... I have some plain color backgrounds selected.. WHITE and Silver-grey... For starting

I was thinking 2 umbrella lights would be enough, but I have never done a full on studio before.. SO Im here looking for your input.. ONE for the back to help keep away shadow ONE for front side of my subject with a reflector..

WOULD this work?
Hi Holly, I actually use 3 lights two in front and one behind pointing upwards for highlights, especially when using a white background. As a rule I wouldn't use with darker backgrounds though.

Also I use soft boxes (one large, one small) on the main two and a small silver reflecter on the highlighter. I've never had too much success with brolly's.

Whatever you use though, make sure you have sand-bags holding the feet in place those things are flaming top heavy and HURT when they land on you. (yes several times). The bigger soft box flash is now mounted on a dolly to lower the centre of gravity and make it easier to move around.

I use a Pentax *istD and a Panasonic FZ30 like yours. And I by far prefer the FZ30 to use.

Good luck.

I usually only use one light - an alien bee 800 and a Wescott Apollo 50x50 softbox. Sometimes I use a reflector, and sometimes I don't. I don't usually light the background. Sometimes I use a hairlight on a boom arm with a shoot-through umbrella. I have probably once or twice used a three light configuration but generally I don't. :) When I shoot on location, I only bring one bee, one stand and the wescott-apollo.
wow holly! sounds like things are really happening for you :mrgreen: very jealous, but must be patient!!! let us know when/if you have a website up xx sorry, but no lighting tips from ameteur me! xx:heart:
Morning Holly.
Best way to start is remember the principles of lighting, based on what is natural i.e. Sunlight [one light source]. Accordingly, start with one main light, spot, soft box, umbrella, whatever. your choice of two umbrellas is the safest way to go when starting off. One as a main light, and the second as a filler light. I personally use one umbrella and a large reflector for my fill light. It does help when shooting a portrait to have a hair light, but that you can add as you become more experienced. I have attached a couple of shots using one umbrella and reflectors on the subject.[not counting the background light]



Trust this helps.
I recently did a project for school for which I rented some lighting equipment and did a bunch of research on lighting techniques. My best advice is to do plenty of reading and research on lighting before you go ahead and buy anything; that way you'll be pretty familiar with what you're getting, and you'll also have a better sense of what you need. The lighting setup I rented was a two-light setup with 750W-s strobes and softboxes. Softboxes are awesome, but white umbrellas or shoot-through work very well too. Reflectors are a nice tool to have as well.

Edit: oh yeah, here are some of my results if you want to see 'em:

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