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Feb 24, 2009
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I'm considering upgrading my body, mostly because I can't stand the 3 focus points on the D60 and the added features on the D90 make it feel more robust and not so entry level (not that I require more). But with the D5000 coming out, the only reason I would opt for the D90 is the AF motor built into the body for the 50mm 1.8. So my question is, what lenses do you D90 owners use that are not AF-S? It seems most of Nikon's new DX lenses are AF-S anyways, and maybe the built in motor is not so important, but my lens set up would be the 18-55, 55-200, 35 1.8 DX, and the 50 1.8D. I'll probably opt for the D90 body anyways, but I just wanted to know what lenses you guys were using so I don't end up wanting to upgrade again after 2 months.
I ended up buying the 70-300mm VR AF-S lens, but when I was at the store looking at the 80-400mm AF lens which doesn't have the built in motor, it seems to auto focus faster using the D90 body motor. I also notice this when I was trying out my fathers old 24-200mm AF lens that came from his Nikon F100 SLR. I'm not sure if it's just me but someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
Personally....I'd get the D90 over the D5000 even if they both had the built in motor. D90 gives you a bigger screen (doesn't swivel but you probably won't use LV much anyway), not to mention a better quality screen, easier controls with dedicated buttons, etc...there's a lot of options about the D90 that I like more than what I've read about with the D5000.
D90 is way better because it has the built in autofocus motor, more buttons on the body so you don't have to go flipping around in menus, and the LCD on the back is great. To me, there's no reason why you would get the D5000 over the D90, it's a great camera, I love mine. If its money that you're worried about, I would still save and get the D90, it's a better all around camera that you can have for a while and not "out grow" it.

Personally I'd get irritated that I couldn't get non AF-S lenses and have to go flipping through half a dozen menus when I want to take a shot, but that's just me.
Yeah, I'm thinking I'm going to opt for the D90, but I have to be able to justify the upgrade to my wife being that I just bought my D60 2 months ago. I think the swivel screen on the D5000 is stupid but the other features seem ok (aside from lacking the motor). I do like the control system on the D90 better, and two dials makes it much easier to set up your shots. Another question though, when you use an AF-S lens with the D90, does it use the lens' motor or the body's? And for those of you who use the kit 18-105mm, how do you guys like that lens? I'd rather buy some fixed lenses before replacing focal lengths that I have, but that range seems more practical for everyday use. Anyways, thanks for the suggestions.
I purchased the d60 and upgraded it to the d90 after only one month of owning it. Not that its a bad camera, the D60 is a great entry level camera. But there was the built in motor, the 2 dial buttons, I started playing around with HDR photos and the D90 had the braceting option.

There is way more options on the D90 that will meet your needs of today and tommorow. I felt with the D60 that I already had out grown the options menu. 2 days ago I purchased the Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens, boy am I glad I switched to the D90 now! hehehehe.
at the D5000's price, i'm surprised anyone would consider it. D90 hands down.
i use the 18-55 and 55-200 in my signature with my D90
I upgraded to my d90 from a d60 for alot of the same reasons, and I don't think I could have been more satisfied with it. I absolutely love it. I have the same lenses too.
I've had my D90 since December and love it...however that wont stop me from wanting the D400....
I've had my D90 since December and love it...however that wont stop me from wanting the D400....

Ha, there is always that feeling of wanting more no matter what you have.

I want to keep this body, just because I paid for the 4 year service plan on it and it is decent, but I also feel it's very limiting. I don't think I could get close to what I paid for it even with the extra coverage on it, so I'll have to see how much of my initial cost I can recoup. I would also like to get into strobist photography and this camera will leave me very limited in that aspect.

Another question for those who upgraded, where did you get your body? I've looked into refurbs on amazon, but I'm not sure how dependable they are (the product not the sellers). And how much did you get for your D60 body? I probably have less than 10k shots on it so I'd like to get at least 500 for it with the 4 year service plan. Does that seem reasonable?

PS. Thanks to everyone for the response, I'm sure my wife won't appreciate it when I tell her I'm buying another camera already.
I actually don't have a single AF-S lens anymore.

I'm down to the Nikon 50/1.8, Sigma 28-70/2.8, Nikon 70-200/2.8ED, Sigma 70-300/3.5, the Tokina 12-24/f4 also worked great.

The only lens that AF is an issue is the 70-200/2.8 but with a little fore thought it's no biggie and to be expected for being 20+ years old. It's still faster on the D90 body than a lot of older slr bodies.
Good luck to you--I mean with the wife and all. That might be tougher than saving for 10 D90's. :lol: I bought my D40 in February, and I'm upgrading already too.:banghead:

I just bought a D90 from Cameta Camera through Amazon for $917 new. It is also noteworthy that the prices have been going up since the announcement of the D5000. The average price is approaching $1000, so you might want to move fast if you want a new one. I haven't checked in a few days, but all the "big names"--Amazon, Adorama, B&H--were out of D90s.

As for lenses, I have the same two kit lenses you have, plus the Sigma 70-300, 50 1.8, and a 30 year old 100mm AIS (which is incredible, BTW). I have a Sigma 18-50 2.8 arriving tomorrow, which pretty much makes my 18-55 obsolete, but I hear it's an awesome crop lens (it's pretty much equivalent to a full frame 24-70).

I hear that the Nikkor 80-200 2.8 AF-D is a great lens that can be had for less than half the cost of the "legendary" 70-200 AF-S. If you want to go AIS E series (my 100mm was 100 bucks, for example), it won't meter, but a quick way around that is to focus and meter with the 50 1.8, then switch to the 100 AIS--you'll have a good starting point from the 50 readings. Lots of great AF-D lenses for much less than the AF-S versions, and a lot of them are full frame(if not all--I'm not sure), so when you buy that D3X, you are all set! :lol:

I'm keeping my D40, so can't really help you on the reselling part.

Good luck.

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