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Jan 14, 2009
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I'm looking to get some Cybersyncs to trigger my flash and I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with these? If so, are they as good as pocket wizards?

Also I dont want to be tied down by cords so I would need to get a battery powered transmitter and a battery powered receiver right?
well, pocket wizards (last i looked) cost $188. This alone should tell you they are better than the cybersyncs. They have a 1 mile radius and some other features i dont know/ dont apply to my work. I have used them a couple of times at a buddies studio and both have gotten the job done with no issues.

I bought the cybersyncs. I have had no issues with mine at all and never have a misfire. 400ft is further than i have ever needed by about 370 ft lol.

Yes, you will want to get the battery powered ones. My only issue with them is that once you push the button on them to fire (and it sticks out pretty far) they are on for an hour and there is no off switch. Nothing inside of them says battery hungry and I have had mine since october i think without a change of batteries (though i do keep spares for them in my bag). But everytime i have gone into my camera bag i seem to make them roll over and press there button to come on.

Definitely worth the money though and a great, less expensive,
alternative to PW
Thanks for the brief review. I ordered a transmitter and a battery powered receiver. I don't plan on being a mile from my subject so these will work fine for now. I thought pocket wizards were $150 each, but you have to buy 2 of them making the total $300?

Either way, I got my cybersyncs and I hear good things about them. I have my first photo shoot coming up so I'm a bit nervous and trying to gather all the gear I would need.
Cybernetics are reliable, but the range is nowhere near that of a PW. If you are doing ordinary stuff, they will do what they are supposed to. If you need range and 100% reliability EACH and EVERY time... PWs are the way to go.

In March, PWs were on sale with a $25 rebate on each PW II. I picked up 3 of them. They definitely are nice.
I have the Cybersyncs and they've been 100% reliable.
same, i cant imagine PW being more than 100% reliable? haha

so yes, PW have the range but each cybersync can be a range booster and double your range

goodluck and you should enjoy your cybersyncs.. i need to order 2 more actually
Well I cant imagine a time when I'll need to be that far away from my subject so the cybersyncs should be fine. They arrive on Wednesday! I'm 2 potential shoots coming and I need all the help I can get!
I have CyberSyncs and really love them. I am never more then maybe 40 feet away from my lights, and thats rare, so I dont need the range of the PW's nor the price tag. :)

With that said, I would love to get my hands on some Radio Poppers! lol

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