Questions about Tenba Shootout Daypack or alternatives.


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Feb 6, 2009
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Huntsville, TX
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I have been needing a new bag for my stuff and have been eying this thing. Unfortunately I live where there are no camera stores so I really can not try it out. I was wondering if anyone here had one and if so, how much of this equipment list would fit inside:

Contax G1
Carl Zeiss 28mm f2.8 Biogon T*
Carl Zeiss 45mm f2.0 Planar T*
Carl Zeiss 90mm f2.8 Sonar T*

Nikon D80
Nikkor 18-55mm II AF-S DX
Nikkor 55-200mm AF-S DX VR IF-ED
Nikkor 105mm AF 2.8D Micro
Nikkor 50mm 1.4D
Sigma 70-200mm 2.8

Normally I would probably leave the 55-200 at home while carrying the 70-200, and keep in mind that the Contax lenses are very small. Also, how do you like the pack overall? Does it have plenty of room for filters, film, etc without using the pop out pocket? I know this one does not come with the tripod straps but can you still find a way to attach a tripod or monopod to the side?

If you have alternatives to this pack, the things I really like are that it is not huge, and it has the expandable pocket to allow me to carry misc non-camera related stuff (jacket, snack bars, GPS, first aid kit, etc). It will be used for hikes from a couple hours to all day hikes in various terrains.



Hi, Im at work bored and I happen to work in a camera store so I just went and grabbed one to have a look. You could fit your body with the 70-200 2.8 on it. You could fit all of your other D80 lens, minus the 55-200, why are you still carrying this? sell it, archive it. Do something! Anyways yeah, You could fit all your gear comfortably buy a different bag for your Contax stuff. Its also got a huge front pocket for you misc. stuff. So yeah, sounds like a good fit for you. Also all the insides are manevurable so you can fit all the stuff I listed whichever way you'd like..
The 55-200 is my current lens, the 70-200 2.8 I hope to get next month. The 105 is my Macro lens and sharper than anything else I have at its focal length. The 50 is for night shots, and the sharpest at its focal length. The contax stuff is what I shoot film with (mainly B&W). Although I could skip a lens I would really like to carry everything (I really do not need the flash in the kit though).

So you are saying it will hold everything except the contax stuff? Or everything with the contax stuff? How about using the side access "pods" as additional pockets say for the contax lenses which are comparatively small?

I appreciate you taking a look for me!

the pods on the side are definitely not big enough or built well enough to be trusted with lenses. You'd be better off to store these in a seperate bag. So yeah, I meant that all of your stuff (minus the contax stuff) will fit.
I wonder if there is another backpack a little larger (hold one more body with small lens, and one more standard lens (the Contax lenses are very small, I keep two of them in pouches inside a small Tenba Metro single lens slot)) that still has the pocket for extra stuff like the Shootout Daypack has from other manufacturers I am not familiar with?


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