Need some advice on my newly acquired Contax RTS & 139Q SLR’s


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May 31, 2021
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Hey guys... first post so be kind lol... here’s my situation & question... my father was a photographer in the navy in the 60s & he recently gave me a box of 2 Contax SLRs & a box of some amazing Zeiss lenses... the RTS & the 139q... plus a Zeiss 50mm F1.4 Planar T*, a 60mm F2.8 Makro-Planar T*, & a 200mm F3.5 Tele-Tessar T*... and from what I’ve read & can tell... these are some pretty incredible lenses... so here’s my question... my only experience with film is from point & shoot stuff from the 90s... didn’t really get to into photography until the digital age had already hit & even now I’m still very much an amateur... I have a little bit of money that’s burning a hole in my pocket... & I’m trying to decide between investing in some more Zeiss lenses (in more standard sizes) to go with these contax slr’s... like a 28mm or 35mm... or an 85mm or 135mm... because the 50mm that I have now gets used 99% of the time... because the other two are pretty much specially lenses... OR... do I take a little money & invest in a classic set... like a Canon AE-1 or a Nikon F3... & some standard Canon or Nikkor lenses... to kind of cut my teeth on a classic old school SLR & kind of get the feel for what other cameras feel like, how they perform, etc... I can get both cameras & a ton of glass for the same price at 2 or 3 more good Zeiss lenses... but what do you think? And compared to the AE-1 or the F3... how good are these 2 contax cameras that I currently have? How do they stack up? What do you all think? Any guidance would be much appreciated... thanks!

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