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Oct 31, 2007
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How do you use high speed synching (Shutter speeds faster than 1/200) with a SB-800 and a D80? I need to underexpose a brightly lit area and keep my aperture size more open.. Thanks..
I think I figured it out, someone please just confirm. Go into camera settings menu and choose "Auto FP" and set it to ON.. Is that all that needs to be done? Anyway of verifying the flash is synching at the proper speed?
you can tell if it's syncing because you won't get a half exposed picture...
If the picture turns out, you're fine.
thanks.. workin great..
How high above 1/200th have you gone so far?
i was experimenting today with 1/500 and 1/800 and 1/1000 at f/3.5. Great way grab a little more control.. I'm also still learning about lighting with a speedlight but I'm havin a blast so far (all hail strobist).. Monday I'll post some of what I have played with so far..

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