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    this is a sr. portrait that will be delivered next week- any ideas on how to improve? be picky picky picky, if you would, please :D


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    it looks like you panted light blue on the background but did not cover it all up I would fix that first off
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    Aug 11, 2004
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    Up your bum

    Yeah, it looks like you photographed her against a white sheet, then Photoshopped it blue. I would probably draw a path around her, and then convert to a slightly feathered selection and fix that, or use a layer mask.

    And, while the eyes are sharp, the rest is just not quite sharp enough. The eyes should def. be the sharpest, but the blur on the rest of it is enough that it kind of bothers me.

    She's really lovely. You did a pretty good job exposing for her dark hair- brunettes can be a pain to photograph because you'll sometimes lose detail in the shadows in their hair. So, nice exposure.

    Her chin is a little shiney. Might want to retouch that just a tad, but don't make it look plastic, if you know what I mean.

    I want to say her skin tone could stand a little warming up, but, it could be that blue background making it seem like it's got too much of a bluish cast. You might fiddle with it, and see what it looks like with just her skin tones warmed up a bit.

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