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Sep 17, 2010
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Can anybody give me tips on racking the slide? How fast do i rack it, about how slow of a shutter speed should i use? things like that. i wont know what it looks like untill i develop the film so i really wanna know what im doing before i just go and shoot random lights.
Thanks in advance, Stroker.
Generally, you begin at the telephoto position, and then rack the lens toward the shorter focal length end. Speeds of around 1 second to 1/8 second work pretty well. I do this technique quite a lot, just for ***** and giggles. Sometimes it communicates a feeling of motion, or movement.

I like to use a VR lens when doing it hand-held. The "old school method" involves using a tripod, This technique is a lot like panning, in that it is difficult, impossible really, to exactly specify the precise length of time and or focal length range that works best...it's unpredictable and imprecise.

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