Radio Flyer

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Dec 18, 2007
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Seven Valleys, PA
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Any thoughts on this one?

neat idea. maybe if you could get the words in focus somehow.
I agree. If you could use a smaller aperture and get everything (or atleast the words) in focus then it would improve the shot.
Ah, good point. I shot it on a whim...I sat down in the basement to play with my son, and just happened to see this. The logo is actually black, but with the angle the light was coming in the back door, it shone white like you see in the picture. I happened to have my camera nearby, so I set it up and took a shot. I had been taking macros, so I just left the same settings and took the shot quickly so I could get back to playing. Maybe I'll set up the shot again some day and increase the DOF a little. Thanks guys!
Great shot, i actually like the DOF although i could see where it could be improved if the words were all in focus

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