"Ragged" comments and critiques please!


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Apr 13, 2010
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"Ragged" was the word i was responding to. I'll let you guys try and figure it out for a little before i tell you what it is. I bet you'll never guess!

nothing? or is it just too earlyy?
Well, I changed the word in the thread title for you, but even though it's 3:25 p.m. in Germany (so not "too early" for sure), I still can't guess what it is we're looking at. All I'm seeing is the amount of yellow and I wonder if a cooler colour temp would help the photo along over all?
i'll let a few more people try before i tell you all what it is. Once you know what it is, the color makes more sense. Its a very fitting color. i just like it so much cause it makes you think.
It almost looks like glass?!?

It is cool though.
i'll give you a hint; it has to do with instruments
Still don't know... maybe it's too early in the day for my "creative brain" to be working:D
the original shape of the object was circular. :lol:

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