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Aug 12, 2013
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It was kind of a dreary out but i decided to get out and try and take some pictures of a railroad bridge that spans the missouri. And i dont think any of the shots came out 'that' great. To me, they seem kind of bleh and nothing really great about them. I wanted to wait till tonight and get the sunset filtering through (i did this exact picture when i was in high school and it was an amazing picture) But as usual maybe you guys could give some insight.

Went for kind of an old timey feel here but then i realized its a very boring picture

So i tried something a little different angle to see what it looked like

Still kind of boring in my opinon, so went for somethin else

Still wasnt digging it so i tried regular color shots of all these different angles and still wasnt impressed at all and then i noticed this.

Idk i just thought i would post them up and see if maybe you guys see something different than i do or if you could offer up some tips. Personally i think a more dramatic sky would have helped alot
Sorry i keep forgetting i can do larger sizes and it will automatically resize it. Same photos just larger so you can see more detail




Ive done a bunch of railroad photography and generally like it but these arent really doing it for me. Just like you said they are just ok. Im not sure what you could do a little different to try and get more out of them. They all also seem slightly tilted to the left which is pretty distracting. Did you use a tripod? When I get home Im going to try and do a couple edits on them and see if I can get a better effect for them.
The last two are more interesting than the first two because they are less symmetric and also have something of interest in the foreground. The problem I have with them is that there is too little depth of field to tie the foreground objects to the background, which at least to me seems important in this type of image. In the last one clipping the bolt head is also troubling to me - the edge is in a different place in the large and small versions, so perhaps you have the whole thing in the original.

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