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Jun 29, 2014
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Please give me reviews on improvement

You've got multiple lines, but they're not leading my eye anywhere. This composition is rather static as a result. The square format adds to the static feel. The colors seem over-saturated and the photo seems underexposed.
I'd have tried to have the tracks come out of the lower left corner, rather than somewhere out of the side.
Also, it seems like you could've gotten a better result with a longer exposure and less saturation, both things are adjustable on most cameras (and pretty much all DSLRs).

I have to agree with the other comments...the image seems under-exposed and the composition leaves me wondering what the point of this image was. Had there of been a train on the tracks or some other point of interest, the intent to the viewer would have been clear, but with the tracks alone, the eye tends to wander right off the side of the image in search of something interesting. I'm not trying to be rude and I could be very wrong, however this image gives me the sense of a photography student who just discovered terminology such as "leading lines" and "framing elements", but has little knowledge of how to actually apply such concepts.

As far as suggestions for improvement, technical details (such as exposure and processing) aside, I'd ask yourself exactly what it is that you wish the image to convey. Train tracks can be a wonderful element for "leading the eye" as they have that strong sense of line, however in and of themselves, are generally pretty boring to look at without some other composition element. For example, if you were to do a similar shot as a landscape to accentuate the sense of drama with that sky, the train tracks would have made a wonderful element leading the eye to the horizon. -If- you had some type of foreground element there...again a train for example, the image would have worked better. If that sign there were larger in the foreground, it might make for something more interesting. In fact, you could "plan" a composition here...someone riding a bike or a woman pushing a baby buggy (a tram?) down the tracks might make for a rather interesting, if not amusing sense of juxtaposition. The exposure and saturation would be easy to fix in most image editing programs, however the composition simply needs something interesting to hold the viewer's eye.

Hope that helps and good luck!
Being the crazy adventurer that I am :biggrin-93:, I might have actually been down on the tracks shooting them as they converged into the distance. I would also want a bit more of that foreboding sky in the image.

I agree with Designer in that the colours look a little oversaturated.


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