Rain Rain - Kind of a Picture Story


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May 14, 2011
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Chicago, IL
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The weather has been hot and humid all week but for about 20 minutes each day for the past few days we get a nice dumping of heavy cooling rains.

I had work to do in downtown Chicago on Monday so I figured I'd try and enjoy the warm weather in Millennium Park...

I knew a heavy storm was coming once it started getting darker:

Looking down the street confirmed it:

A lot of tourist unaware of the impending storm:

Street lamps turning on due to the fading light:

People walking towards Millennium Park as though it will save them:

Rain begins and some people begin to run for cover:

Too late:

Tried to get a picture of lightning striking the Trump Tower:

Someone Dropped Their Pizza:

Flash forward to yesterday, Thursday...

The tell-tale signs of impeding storm:

Walked to an elevated train platform to hopefully catch the edge of the storm:

Went to street level to catch the first bits of rain falling:

The edge of heavy rains:



The winds destroyed this poor lady's umbrella:

Some flooding:

Sun came back out:
We have been having similar weather here, never thought to go outside and document it lol. I really enjoyed looking through these pictures.

Thank you!

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