Rainy Mountains in NC


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Mar 23, 2012
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I was in North Carolina and pulled over near a gas station to get a few photos of the mountains in the distance.

It was a rainy afternoon and I think this photo conveys that feeling well, even though there's no actual rain.

What do you think? C&C appreciated.

1) DSC_2444-HDR copy.JPG
2) DSC_2445 copy.JPG
3) DSC_2471 copy.JPG
I'm still a newbie to photography, but I find the shots to be a bit boring. If I had to pick a favorite, I would say 3!
At the risk of sounding a little harsh, these are nice snapshots. I do not get the feeling of a rainy afternoon - yes it is overcast, but how would I know it is raining? For the specific images:

#1. the foreground is very cluttered and the horizon line is too close to the centre of the image, so it is hard to tell which part of the image is more important, the foreground or the sky. There is that bit of a tree poking into the image on the right and this is a distraction that I would have cropped out.

#2. the foreground is very cluttered. There is a tower of some sort in the middle part of the image. I would have cloned it out. There are patches of a "brownish" vegetation on the right and left side of the foreground and I found these distracting.

#3. the foreground is out of focus.

Thanks for the comments!

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