Raking in the Color...


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May 24, 2014
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I took this one on the way home from work a few evenings ago...
Over-all I really like the composition of this scene...I think it provides a great deal of visual interest. My main nitpicks are mainly about the colors and/or processing. The big thing that catches my attention is the sky...on my monitor it really seems more of a greenish/turquoise than it does any sense of blue. I'd certainly adjust that in post and if you opt for a re-shoot, I might try a polarizer as well. Personally I'd also open up the blacks just a bit and maybe bump up the saturation a little too. I don't really care for that big shadow on the right side of the image, however short of some rather extensive processing, I'm not sure there's too much you could really do with that other than trying the shot again at a different time of day.

It is a really lovely setting...wish I drove by scenery like that on my way home from work!

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