RAM to wreck and save the day!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Canon Fan, Jan 18, 2005.

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    :goodvibe: :goodvibe: :goodvibe: :goodvibe: :goodvibe: My main editing machine is now coming back online!!!!

    It's been down since I moved because it developed a highly unstable fit of rage just before I moved. I have not had time to look at it until tonight when I was forced to be home from work and found a BAD BAd Bad bad stick of PC133 256SDRAM to be the cause of my computing demons :fangs: :fangs: :fangs: Tossed in a new stick and voila! PS CS no prob ;), video compression and DVD burn no prob :mrgreen: , multiple monitors no sweat :lovey: , and no phantom reboots!!! :blushing: Bid on a cpl wireless PCI cards right away for good measure (since I can't run my cable upstairs to the new office :( ) but should be back to full editing force in no time! Plus not to mention the like 400-600 pics that are stored on one of my HD's! I normally back them up x2 but it crashed before I could and now they are back :smileys: Good feeling for sure.

    Moral of the story? Back up your images ASAP! On at least 2 different types of media! I knew this already and chose to ignore it. Last time I do that I thought they were lost forever! You never realize just how far a simple thing will help you out until something stupid happens to your images :hail:

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    Listen and learn from the wise sage.
    Must have backup !!!!!!!

    But if you have problems you can always come visit us over at www.thesupportforum.com
    Oh and my back ups are to CD and to the HDD of another box.
    BTW unless you HDD goes out the pics are not lost. Just the the HDD into another box and you can get em off!!!!!

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