Ran across this scene this morning (and had to have it) C&C please


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May 12, 2007
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If someone doesn't offer some reaction...I'm warning ya...I'll post another photo!! :lol:

I'm inexperienced but I really like this photo especially the desk.
That's awesome, but it makes me want to see inside...
Actually, it's pretty cool.

Do one or two more and I'll take you off my ignore list.
Yes, if I had come past that little desk outside the barn (out of use, I assume?), I would have felt compelled to take a photo, too. If mine had been as good as this one is is (and will for all times remain) the question. I might just be too far away from that little scene ;).
I found that scene just as is, didn't touch a thing.

Thanks, Abraxas & Lafoto - I always look for - and value - your opinions.

I do have more shots from that excursion, will post them later this week.

I might just be too far away from that little scene ;-).

Distance from Germany to Michigan: 4227 miles. Drop in when you're in the neighborhood!

i really like it, good find. i think the cloudy day adds to the mood. cant believe that the barn is still standing when all that is supporting it is just that old rock foundation.
I wish the sky had a little more interest

Yeah, I wish the sky had a lot more interest, but it never does the days I decide to go out shooting. Story of my life.

Thanks for the comments.

i love pictures of old buildings
this is especially neat with the chair and desk
beautiful :)
have u tried in in B&W?

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