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Jul 14, 2013
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Hello, first time poster. Any c&c welcome!

New here myself!
Nice shot, love the shadow of the skater. I wonder if you would have got a better angle if you'd been a few feet to your left - then the skater would have been more distinct from the trees and the distracting guy in the top left corner would be gone.

Also.. the guys on the rail seem to be slightly more in focus / sharper than the skater, but that may just be a property of your lens - I've never used a fisheye.
totally agree. i had just started using it. im hanging over the rail on this one, basically a point a shoot. i don't know the skater but before i could get a better set up, he stopped hitting that rail. but yah, mostly properties of the camera, if i had it point a little more right and or closer it would of been a little more in focus

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