Rasterbator! Cool app for DIY Posters(HUGE)


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Nov 18, 2008
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Whitewater Wisconsin
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very fun application to decor the walls of your garage or w/e. You can print off one photo in whatever size you want, it divides it up into say 30 sheets of 8 1/2'' x 11'' paper and you can tape it together. My friend did it to a wall in his dorm, looks pretty cool. Quality obviously isn't the best, it recreates the images with dots (size of dots is adjustable).

The Rasterbator 1.2 at arje.net

haha thats actually kinda cool. I need a picture of a hot girl or something to do this with :) haha
Thats pretty cool!

Its interesting, I think id much rather have my prints printed by a printer, and safe myself an ink cartridge...
thats a good idea....im not allowed to print in colour at my school.

I could have a black and white picture however!
That's a good idea. Even if you do have to spring for the ink yourself it would still be cheaper than some of the stick on prints that you can buy.
I actually learned of this on a computer sim racing forum. For my daughter's 5th birthday just before Christmas last year, I did a photo of her and had it hanging on the wall. She got a kick out of it. I did 6 sheets across and 8 sheets down I think in just black and white. Ink compliments of work :D.

I also have the same photo in my avatar done up 3x2 sheets hanging in my office at work.

It works pretty good as you wouldn't exactly be standing 3 inches away inspecting it. The one of my daughter in fact, standing a foot or two away, you wouldn't have any clue what it was. But when it was in direct line of site to people walking in the door for the birthday party, everyone immediately saw it and went nuts over it.

I know I took a shot of her standing next to it, but can't seem to find it anywhere.
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