RAW -> JPeg file size????


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Jan 3, 2009
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There is probably a very simple explanation for this.. but I can't figure out why when I take JPegs ( large/fine..whatever ) the typical file size for them is around 4mb.. but when I convert my RAWs to JPeg the filesize remains around the 13ish mb. I'd love to figure out how to get them down to the 4mb area for storing purposes and uploading etc.
i would say when you save the now converted jpeg you are probably picking the lowest compression option (i assume your raw software has this option, i know mine does)

just my input..
When you shoot JPEG the camera compresses the file by itself. When you shoot RAW you do all of the editing including compression.
I use the image data converter software that Sony put out, and once you are done editing the RAW file, you have the choice of four levels of compression when converting to JPEG. I use the least amount of compression, and my files usually range from 10MB to 13MB when the conversion is done.

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