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Jul 2, 2013
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What are you guys thoughts? I'm partial to raw but I know it's some controversy. What do you guys think?
Do lots of PP or big prints = RAW
Just fast shots, little PP and small / med prints = JPEG
depends on whether or not you edit your photos at all. if your going to drag them all through PS or LR anyway, why not shoot raw and get the most editing data possible? if your going to just pop them onto your computer or FB straight out of the camera, then shoot JPEG.
Both. Raw for memories I really want to keep and for those shots that I'm trying to do something with in PP or to give be a bit more headroom. Jpeg for the snapshots and holiday pics.

I've got to the stage where I just can't justify keeping all the raw files anymore just in case I get time to edit them.
^^^ the caption for that should be "ENOUGH MESCALINE FOR EVERYONE!"
Both the advantage and disadvantage of RAW is its HUGE FILE SIZE.

Advantage because you have more picture information to adjust, tweak, and edit and therefore a higher quality result.

Disadvantage because in camera speed and processing are slower, the card saves fewer images and downloading to computer and post takes longer.
Unless I need fast bursting like with stop-action video, I shoot raw. I have a D40 so the buffer fills up real fast.

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