Canon 10D, can I set the camera to RAW only without the JPEG embedded? I can set to RAW on main menu, but still records an embedded JPEG.


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Nov 17, 2018
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Just got hold of mint 10D, the previous owner must have looked after it well, truly 'out of the box', firmware up to date too. However, having had a play today I notice that the 10D always seems to incorporate a JPEG into the RAW image, yes, you can choose the size in the custom functions, but there appears to be no way to just not have the JPEG at all, even if selecting just RAW in the main camera parameters menu. Anyone know how to get the camera to just do RAW without the JPEG option please? Thanks in advance for any advice offered, appreciated, Anthony.
I'm far from a Canon expert, but I think the embedded jpeg is basically required because, if nothing else, that's what's displayed on the monitor.
Thank you for replying so soon, appreciated :) Yes, never thought of that, of course the rear LCD would need a JPEG for review... derrr, never thought of that, thanks! The only reason I query this (& I know the 10D is an 'elderly' digital camera now), but a burst is very slow and even a succession of non-burst RAW shots take some time to copy over to the card before next shot. I just imaged that getting rid of the JPEG option might speed things up a bit. I suppose the best option to increase speed of shot/write time is just to opt for a small JPEG alongside RAW. Thank you for your advice, gave me a new viewpoint on this, take care, thanks, Anthony.
Are you using the fastest cards possible? Raw files are huge chucks of bits, and cheap cards may not be able to keep up with the data flow.
Sandisk Ultra, 30Mb/s 4Gb CFII, so I imagine that given this camera is 20 years old this is the best it'll get. I am not unhappy with the write speeds. This a camera that makes you purposefully take take time to take pictures, like a 35mm. But I really wasn't interested in the JPEG's, always processing RAW to JPEG later on. But as you mention, of course a JPEG would be needed for the rear LCD review option. So I'll set the option to a RAW + Small JPEG, small difference (if any!), but in a burst it might make things a little quicker. Thanks for the advice, appreciated :)
Again, I'm not a Canon expert, but the 'size' of the JPEG isn't the embedded jpeg of the raw file. It's a completely different file written on the card. Go to your computer's file manager, and you'll see a list of both the raw files and jpegs. The embedded jpegs are not listed as they're contained in the raw file.
Thank you. I'll try what you suggest and let you know.
Putting together little snippets from here and there, should be Menu>Quality>RAW. Also, if I understand what I'm reading correctly, you can't get RAW if you use Auto, you can only get RAW with M, P, Av, and Tv, but complete Auto only produces jpeg in the 10D. There is always a jpeg file embedded in the RAW, but as 480sparky noted, you can also have a separate jpeg file. Guessing that you want the RAW only, and not the separate jpeg.
Hello. Thank you, I appreciate you taking time to reply to help. Yes, I've selected RAW on the main menu and via custom settings just RAW & 'small'. Seems the 10D does not shoot RAW only then? Not a big problem, but I am surprised. I thought RAW only would be an option and also speed up write times a little. It's not a big deal. I am not a wildlife amateur or need high speed. I love the ergonomics of the 10D, beefy build and fits the palm well. Lovely camera in honest terms. The images are bright (if the viewfinder not) and you see a smooth film like quality to the images at lower iso's like 100 - 400, even 800iso is ok, 1600, grain comes in, 3200iso is a bit too grainy, but convert it to black and white and it looks more 'reportage' (Bresson style), so not so bad with the right subjects. I'll just stick to the RAW & Small JPEG. If anyone wants to experience Canon build quality from 2003, then you'll not be disappointed with the EOS 10D. Thanks to all with the advice, happy shooting! A :)
Pretty sure most of the ancient Canon DSLRs only shoot raw+jpeg. I have an old Rebel XS in storage, I'll check it.
Cheers Mitch, I appreciate your time - have a good day.
I have 2 10d’s and the file system is annoying on them. Much better on the 20D and newer. But this was an early DSLR and many many improvements have been made since. I still break them out once in a while get frustrated by this exact thing and put them back away and pull out the 20D or 50D

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