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    England! w000t!
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    Okidoki...had could anyone visit it and tell me whatcha think?

    The Gallery is still being made...

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    i'll apologise in advance but I'm not the person to ask if you want your ego stroked. If you want an honest opinion of what's wrong then I'm in my element! (my own flaws I'm afraid!)

    your original photo for the site was excellent & I think you should keep it!:thumbup:

    Under construction is a big put off! Either make the page or don't link to it until it's ready!

    You need some example images in laymans terms for the packages page. How many people know what is a 5x 10x8's 10x7x5's 5x 6x4's £100 ?

    Finally sittings. I thought your original idea was selling street shots to the subject rather than arranged sittings? Also "We create images from posed photographs of the animal, to the animal doing what it needs." sounds like photographs of the animal taking a dump!

    And really minor but attention to detail & all! "Winter Offer, Get £10 of all portrait sessions!" should be off, not of!

    I hope you'll take this as just constructive since I admire your original idea and think you might be onto a winner!:thumbup:

    (+ I've had a few tonight:D and not at my most diplomatic!:thumbdown: )
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    Aug 31, 2004
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    First off, change your bloody homepage on this site! You still have it set as Falcon Eye. :mrgreen:

    I like it. Few niggles for me though.

    "Home - About - Contact" at the top doesn't look like it's sitting properly to me. Like it it either needs to be moved a touch lower, of the images it's sitting over needs to be a tiny bit taller. So it's in the centre.

    With the pages which won't change (like package and offers) I think it'd look better if you didn't have to scroll (like with the home page). So the content that page contains fits into the box neatly. Right now you have to scroll.

    Like I said though, looks good. :)

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