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    Good day,

    I have recently acquired a Pentax Spotmatic and an assortment of lenses. I am currently considering upgrading to a DSLR and the possibility of using these lenses on a K200D would save me purchasing all new lenses for the new camera.

    The lenses included with the kit are:
    Soligor Wide Auto 1:28 f = 28mm
    Bushnell Automatic Zoom 1:4.5 f=90~230mm
    Hanimex Tele-Auto 1:2.8 f=135mm
    SMC Takumar 1:1.8/55

    I've tried Google, to no avail. While I make myself acquianted with the search button, has anybody any experience with any of these lenses?

    I tend to shoot wildlife, macro and occasional lanscapes. I've no interest in portraits.

    With an adapter, would these lenses work effectively? I've a general grasp of how to read the lens information, but not what they mean.



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