Ready to buy, stuck between 6 cameras

To be completely honset... I spent the money i had on a d40 in November. 3 months later I had the oppurtunity for a canon 30d and I scooped it up for 1200 with a 4 year warranty and a 28-135 lens. Best decision I've ever made. I got it real cheap so I was excited.
Ok I decided to differently get the nikon d40. I've read reviews saying that the nikon 70-300mm vr is better then the sigma, so which lenses should i get?

Get the D40 with kit 18-55 and 55-200


Get the D40 body and 18-200 if you want to spend more....

these are great entry level lenses..... use them for a while.... see where your focal habits develop and go from there (if you need to go from there)...
roger I appreciate the help, just trying to figure out which place has the better deal camerta on ebay or amazon
I got photoshop cs3 for editing picks, what else should i get or do i need?
I got photoshop cs3 for editing picks, what else should i get or do i need?


Once you have your camera setup (whichever D40 setup you end up with) and your post-processing setup (CS3), it's time to get out and take pictures. Tons of pictures. Don't think about lenses or megapixels or any sort of gear, just use what you've got and shoot shoot shoot. This is the next step.
One important one... the time to turn on a dSLR, raise it and shoot in a photojournalistic manner is under 2 seconds. Start up times are in tenths of a second. Most P&S I know have turn on times measured by lunar cycles... lol.

And another...
The physical size of the sensor. Less electrical noise (especially at high ISO) and more DoF control.
Ya I'm taking intro to digital photograghy in july now as well as a dvd i purchased on how to use all the features on CS3. Should I get a tripod now or wait? Like I said I'll have the camera tonight from circuit city, then il take a bunch of shots for a week or so then go order the kit off amazon. I'm going to also pic up a minor or associates if i can in photograpghy to make my self more marketable

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