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Jan 14, 2012
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First off, I am new to the forum and if you think this is better off in the Newbie forum any Mods are welcome to move this thread there.

I am not a professional photographer by any means.

I am a young entrepreneur that already owns one online business, but looking to add to it now that I have more time. In my area, I have discovered that there is a need for a real estate photographer.

Is this something I can learn to do easily? If so, Whats the best way to learn?

A class? I checked at the schools around here, it's just a basic Photography I class. I have doubts it will cover what I want to and more of the general photography field. However, if it's what will make this a successful business, then I will... If there is other options what are they?

Are there books or publications that can provide me the with knowledge and the skills to be able to be a skilled real estate photographer?

Any other methods?

I know there is more than just taking the pictures. Is there a lot of editing necessary or done in this field? I have limited photoshop skills but I would improve. I am pretty good with technology and going to be learning about creating virtual tours. I already have ability to design pamphlets and even some website design. Once I get the skills down, I plan on looking to partner with a printing company.

I would love any advice you would have for me.

Thanks for your time. :mrgreen:

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