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Aug 20, 2010
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Check out this really cool photo flash object:

When you roll your cursor across the photo vertically it changes from day to night. It appears as though there are several (maybe 12 or so) identical photos taken on a tripod over a few hours.

Does anybody know of free software or an online photo flash maker that would do this effect specifically?

I don't know how to do it, but that's pretty cool.

There's more going on than just stacking exposures though (looks like one every 1 or 2 minutes)... Look at the boats - they fade in and out, so they are selectively picking which frame to use the boats from, then gradually fading to a different frame (for the boats only - the rest of the picture changes with every new exposure).

Other than the gradual fade-out, the boats never move.
Unfortunately the smooth changing thing is fake and has been discussed before. All this neat little thing is is a transition from 1 picture to the next. There's only 2 frames which is a real shame. They could have done sooo much more with it.

And that's how to do it too. Create two photos, import them into Flash, and then make a transition based on cursor movement.

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