Rebel XTI HELP!!!!

Aug 19, 2010
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Omaha NE
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Ok, I have had my Rebel for about a year now, and all was working fine. About a week ago, I pulled it from the bag, to discover some mold growth on the bag, (minimal) but now, the Powerlight comes on, and nothing, when you turn it off, the power light stays on, and you can only get it to go off by unplugging the batt. The batt is fully charged, and I have swapped the Card, Any ideas? Help? Please?....

Missing my rebel.....
The mold means moisture. Moisture means rust and corrosion of electronis components. In the back of your users manual is a troubleshooting guide.

If moisture is indeed the problem, putting the camera in a large plastic bag along with 2 cups of uncooked rice for 3 or 4 days may do the trick.

If the battery contacts inside the camera are nice and clean, and the days in the bag with the rice doesn't work, I'd consider contacting a repair shop.

I keep at least one of these in each of my camera bags/cases:

Archival Methods Desiccant Canisters (Metal Case) 53-001 - B&H

When they have absorbed all the moisture they can, they change color. Then you just put them in a low heat oven for a couple of hours to drive off the moisture, and use them over and over.
If f the problem is just moisture KmH's suggestion may work.

If there's any mold in the camera you need to send it to Canon, there's nothing you can do yourself.

That will cost about $200 for a cleaning and recalibration.
I guess the all caps, shouted plea for "HELP", was just an exaggeration. :scratch:

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