Reccomend a UV filter for my new (expensive) lens?


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Apr 5, 2008
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I'm looking for a quality 77mm UV filter to protect my new Nikon 80-200 F2.8. I'd prefer to spend <$60 on a quality filter. Here the filters I can obtain within my price range:

Hoya Pro1
Hoya HD High Definition (how much better is this filter than the Pro1?)
B+W MRC filter (same price as the HD)
Kenko Super Pro MC

Which would provide the highest degree of protection while preserving image quality? Since I am using this lens on a 1.5x body, thinness is not an issue.
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I like my B&W's the best. However, I only use a "protective" filter near water spray and in heavy dust. Other wise, I take them off.
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From what I've read, all reviews say that BW or Heliopan cannot be beat by any other brand, however the Hoya HD looks damn good. Which do you recommend?

A filter is more peace of mind than anything, and even though nothing will probably never happen, I don't want to take any chances. Since the 80-200mm is well coated, I don't think flare will ever be a problem, so I want a good filter that won't cause any flare and will still adequately protect the lens.
I have many Hoya's, but they are aluminum instead of brass like the B&W's. I have had problems removing some of my Hoyas, but never a problem with my B&W's. Keep in mind, that I am referring mainly to circular polarizers as I rarely use UVs. However, its the brass rings of the B&W's that make them more attractive to me.
Does the BW have all the features of the HD? Which is better?
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The B&W is multi-coated, and made of quality products. The higher end Hoyas are nice too. I doubt you could go wrong with either. I wouldn't hesitate to get either one. The choice is yours for the making.
I've heard that the Hoya HD's are the new king - coated with something that repels fingerprints and stuff. Not sure if B+W can make the same claim.
So they are roughly the same? What about the BW being made of schroder (I have no idea how to spell or say this, I just know it starts with an S) on the BW? Sorry for the vaugness, I can't remember the name of the glass the BW is made of.
Try this UV, Haze & Skylight filters (2) and especially the part here:

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Research has also confirmed that B+W and Heliopan filters on the stores shelves have less layers of multi-coating than the Nikon and recommended Hoya series, both also made from glass bars.[/SIZE][/FONT]
Hope this helps!

I just picked up two 77mm Super HMC Hoya filters for $36 each. You can spend more money, but I don't know that your getting much extra value beyond this point.
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Given that under normal circumstances (not shooting directly into an active light source) you can't tell a Hoya SHMC apart from a no filter, even on high end glass, all of those filters would be a good but probably expensive choice.

All filters flare when shooting into the light so spending too much money again is a waste, and as far as I am concerned the Hoya SHMC filters flare nicer than their Pro1D filters too.
After many reviews, I went with SHMC filters also, due in no small part to Garbz and Sabbaths Reviews. I can only say good things about them. For the price I think they are the best quality and value combo.

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