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Sep 2, 2003
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Started last night. I had been watching a rabbit through the kitchen window, and suddenly the rabbit froze. Bex was very interested in sitting with this rabbit, but she made no further move to get close, and she yawned after a few minutes of this. After she came back inside, the rabbit continued munching on our clover.

Bex with bunny.jpg

Later, after the sun left the yard, we had another visitor. I was on the screened in porch and the screen lines are obnoxious - but I didn't want to spook this gentle creature by stepping out onto the deck.

Deer visit.jpg

Deer visit 2.jpg

This morning I was outside watering my herbs and tomatoes, and when I took a seat, I had my own little visitor:

Butterfly visit.jpg

This butterfly crawled all over my hand, tapping and exploring and being fearless. For all my awkward scrambling to get one-handed cell phone shots, he was unperturbed. I finally stood up and moved to place him on the tomatoes, which he didn't like and flew off. It was fun to hold him!

Butterfly visit 2.jpg

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